Product Care

How to care for your LAX shoes

Variations in color and texture are the prized characteristics of beautiful, tanned leather. Over time, the leather will acquire a patina and may also darken with exposure to direct sunlight, further enhancing the natural look of your sandals

In order to keep your shoes in good condition, the following general leather care is recommended:

• Avoid exposing your leather goods to humidity and direct sources of heat.
• Protect your leather goods from rain and moisture..
• Avoid contact with rough and abrasive surfaces.
• To clean your leather goods, wipe with a clean, soft dry cloth.
• In case of contact with water, do not rub the leather: use a clear dry cloth and apply a gentle tapping motion to absorb the liquid. If stains occur, dab the whole area with a damp soft cloth and leave to air dry. Apply a clear leather cream using gentle circling motions.
• To clean calf hair (pony) leather we kindly recommend using a damp cloth or a soft brush, always working in the direction of the grain, never brushing the fur back and forth. Regular gentle brushing will prevent a build-up of dirt and the consequent matting.

How to maintain the soles

The soles are often made from smooth and delicate leather and will therefore be subject to marking upon first wear. This is not a manufacturing defect. It is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.
It is not recommended to walk on any wet surfaces as this may alter the structure of the soles and cause staining to the upper.


Repair Service

You may receive a complimentary repair service within 6 months from the day you purchased your sandals only if we consider the item faulty.

In order to assist you, please send us an e-mail to including detailed images of your product and the damaged area.

Please bare in mind that in this case, shipping and customs charges for returning the product are a burden of the customer.