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Shani Lax is the emerging designer behind LAX, a luxury brand creating sophisticated footwear for the non-apologetic modern women. 

Bold and alluring, LAX’s distinct aesthetic is characterized by sharp lines, angles and textural contrast giving a cutting edge interpretation to classic footwear design.
Since the launch of the brand’s first collection in 2013, LAX has appeared at New York and Paris Fashion weeks in collaboration with designer Alon Livné and featured at the London Fashion Week Designer Showrooms 2016.
LAX is based and manufactured entirely in Tel Aviv, handcrafted using the highest quality Italian leathers.
A graduate of the Tel Aviv Achilles school of Shoe Design, Shani Lax continued her training under the guidance of international shoe designer and mentor Kobi Levy, before launching LAX in 2013. The LAX brand is in homage to Shani’s late grandfather, Lazlo Lax, a shoemaker by trade, whose legacy of well-made shoes is what inspired Shani to continue in his footsteps.

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